Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My average day

My average day starts by my brother waking me up and rushing downstairs to hog all the cereal while I was to comfortable to move. Then my mom is up before the rest of us is downstairs(normally with a box of Cezits) doing prison work. No shes isn't in prison she grades prison work, duhh. Then we get breakfast and get forced to read a book for bookworm (not like I don't like reading.)

Then after that I blog about my life. Then we have lunch downstairs while watching Avatar the Last Air bender. Then we go out and take a walk on some walk trail so we wouldn't reach like 400Ibs. Then I go to sleep in a cold room. AKA way to much AC

you are a vampire now! You found the hidden text:)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Toy story 3

Today I'm going to talk to you about Toy Story 3. It all started when Woody, Buzz, Sally,and the other toys trying to get ally to play with them but Ally is just to busy packing up for collage.He is also to old to mess with them. Then he puts all the toy in a trash bag except Woody to store them in the attic, but something goes wrong and they end up in the garbage can thinking he meant to throw them away. They escape the garbage truck and went to play place.They talked to some toys who introduce them self's as good guys but turn out to be villains they have to escape to Ally's house to be safe, but the enemy turn buzz on demo mode so they have to escape and save buzz! Results they went to the donation box and got donated to a new owner after going through a dump grinder and getting betrayed by a bear who they thought they befriended.

Monday, June 28, 2010

One time I said that I will talk about Kids in Collage when it was over well I'm going to start talking now:) We started with a activity were you put milk in a paper plate and put some oil in iy and it spreads. Then we made Oey gooy loopygoo it was a liquid when you let it site and a solid when you mess around with it. Then we made diaper sludge the next day it explanes how a diaper gets filled... nasty! Then the next day we made goofer guts it was very sticky. Then we blown volcanoes it was fun! see ya next time1

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

The reason why I did not reply this long was because I was spending a week at my grandfathers house. It was basically my summer vacation. It all started getting their and playing games and seeing Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. My grandfather always want to give me the best, and that is getting quit annoying. Then next day we went went to the air force musame, and it was epic it all sorts of planes including space models. You even got to go in some of them! Then the ne... sorry about that I had to take down the vacuum. Any ways, the next day I went to a game arcade and won lots of tickets. Then we went star gazing, and to top it all we watched toy story3!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Mom Dad Brother and Sister Drive Me Nuts!

Today I'm going to describe how my siblings and parents drive me nuts 8( Well my brother can't stop complaining about reasons like this in a wining voice. "It's to loud" (30 minits of non stop complaining), "he spilled something on my shirt"(accident or not he tells a teacher or parent) ,"hey its my turn" (most common one gives you a privet lecture),and so much more you will be long dead before you know it! Wow whats up with this text? Ohh well I like it:) As I was saying, my sister who camps out in her room so emo you can't look at her in the room--- we will find out more of her later in life.Then we got our dad that is always stress. He screams at the TV he went to Cold Stone with out us;( Then we have our mom who is sweet as a chocolate bar(I said that because she will ground me if I didn't)My mom Is A GrOuNdEr ShE gRoUnDs Us FoR lEaViNg A SoCk On ThE gRoUnd, GoInG oUt SiDe WiTh oNlY SoCks On OuR fEeT, LeAvInG a RoBe On ThE GrOuNd, aNd LoCkInG ThE DoOr On My BrO. Well see You next day!

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Begining!

This summer so far was a great one. Earlier this summer we held a huge party for my sister's (who gets really annoying) graduation party. (While my sister hung out with her friends) Me, my brother, dad, and mom set it up. My mom was cooking, we (me and my bro) were cleaning, and my dad was doing the muscle stuff and then before we know*cough cough* knew it was party time!

At the party we ate our selves sick! There was a chocolate fountain, Chinese food, and baked potatoes! We popped indoor poppers and reloaded them just to pop them again:) We had so much fun (minus the fact we had to clean it up!) but then we had to move on to other things.

2 days ago we went on a hiking trip. We lost the trail and had to go down a stream. I'm sure glad I wore my old shoes. We also are doing Kids in Collage,and I will tell you more when its done! Thanks for viewing this blog.