Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Mom Dad Brother and Sister Drive Me Nuts!

Today I'm going to describe how my siblings and parents drive me nuts 8( Well my brother can't stop complaining about reasons like this in a wining voice. "It's to loud" (30 minits of non stop complaining), "he spilled something on my shirt"(accident or not he tells a teacher or parent) ,"hey its my turn" (most common one gives you a privet lecture),and so much more you will be long dead before you know it! Wow whats up with this text? Ohh well I like it:) As I was saying, my sister who camps out in her room so emo you can't look at her in the room--- we will find out more of her later in life.Then we got our dad that is always stress. He screams at the TV he went to Cold Stone with out us;( Then we have our mom who is sweet as a chocolate bar(I said that because she will ground me if I didn't)My mom Is A GrOuNdEr ShE gRoUnDs Us FoR lEaViNg A SoCk On ThE gRoUnd, GoInG oUt SiDe WiTh oNlY SoCks On OuR fEeT, LeAvInG a RoBe On ThE GrOuNd, aNd LoCkInG ThE DoOr On My BrO. Well see You next day!

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