Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Begining!

This summer so far was a great one. Earlier this summer we held a huge party for my sister's (who gets really annoying) graduation party. (While my sister hung out with her friends) Me, my brother, dad, and mom set it up. My mom was cooking, we (me and my bro) were cleaning, and my dad was doing the muscle stuff and then before we know*cough cough* knew it was party time!

At the party we ate our selves sick! There was a chocolate fountain, Chinese food, and baked potatoes! We popped indoor poppers and reloaded them just to pop them again:) We had so much fun (minus the fact we had to clean it up!) but then we had to move on to other things.

2 days ago we went on a hiking trip. We lost the trail and had to go down a stream. I'm sure glad I wore my old shoes. We also are doing Kids in Collage,and I will tell you more when its done! Thanks for viewing this blog.

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