Monday, June 13, 2011


Hello dudes this is Matthew forced to write a blog that nobody checks ore knows about so utterly pointless i know. Well... i will be talking about a game I'm sure about everyone knows about called Minecraft. Minecraft is a great fun kinda sandbox type of game were you can build what ever you want, be it sky scrappers soccer stadiums tree house etc. You have to first get the material such as wood, bricks, cobblestone, coal for torches (don't know how sticking a piece of coal on a stick works as a torch), iron. The pretty much best material you can find is diamond. Yea its just pretty cool. There also a survival mode were you defend your self from creepers, (stuff that blow crap up), skeletons, spiders, slims, yeah... cool so this game is so fun ,also you can mod your minecraft. Theres some pretty cool mods on Minecraft form yea like the airplane mod sdk's gun mod. also i will be writing aobout my favorit youtube movie the aggravating orange! Jk jk that movie sucks but annoying orange rules. its about this fruit that talks and annoys the living crap of other fruit wich normally leads to the get salter KNIFE!!!

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