Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wind SOO EXITING (not)

OK so my mom is making me write about the retarded wind. Well... let me tell you how wind is made. Wind is made by the uneven surface ofthe world and an atmosphere. So in other words if the earth was smooth and Even there would be no wind. So what you properly asking well ill tell you there would be no kites, air gliding, or sail boats. So if there was no wind Christopher Columbus probably won't make it his expedition or at least delayed it until 1819 when the first steam ships were created.Also wind can maneuver ships and stuff so without that there never be any sail ships. So if you were to live in North America with out wind you might never be there! I know odd way of thinking but hey someone gots to do it. So with that being said there is some advantages of having wind. There would be no storms such as tornado's, hurricanes, etc. So ther's disadvantages and advantages about wind.

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  1. You shouldn't use the word "retarded" young man, that might offend someone :(

    I think wind is fascinating! It does so much AND YOU CAN'T EVEN SEE IT!